Frequently asked questions

Can I order your jewellery online?

It is possible to place an order by phone or by sending an inquiry via email. Upon receiving your payment, we will ship your order internationally free of charge.

Where do I find prices on the jewellery?

Prices on the Mira Maja collection are accessible through the site: www.miramajajewellery.dk. Please contact us for pricing on other jewellery. As different designs can be combined in many variations, the prices may vary.

Can all your jewellery be seen on the website?

No, the website only shows a small selection of the many designs that are available in our boutique. The purpose of the website is to provide our customers with inspiration to design the jewellery they desire. There are many variations in our designs including materials, sizes, choice of gemstones and pearls, which we would like to guide you through by phone or email, if you don’t have the chance to visit our boutique. You can see more of our designs on Facebook and Instagram.

Which materials are you using?

In the workshop, we are exclusively using precious metals such as silver, 14 and 18 karat gold, white gold and rose gold. We only use real diamonds which are diamonds made by nature. We don’t use synthetic diamonds, also known as laboratory-grown diamonds or CVD diamonds as the resale value is poor. Our gemstones and pearls are from certified and transparent dealers.

Do you take old gold?

Yes, we gladly take your old gold in exchange for new jewellery which naturally is calculated on the current price of the specific metal.

Didn't find your answer ?

Please contact us on phone +45 98 43 80 66 or send us an e-mail at smykker@birgittemunch.dk.